Mobile App Services

We want to turn your WordPress Website into a mobile app.  You can benefit higher engagement rates and the business flow that comes from the engagements.

Everything Starts With a Rock Solid Information

We will provide answers to most asked questions.  If you have a question, then please click the below button and submit your questions. 

Is this a native or hybrid mobile app?

It is a hybrid application.  It will mirror your WordPress website, which will allow you to not have to pay for major updates.

Benefits of your mobile app

Meaningful Anayltics, Real time sync, Push Notification, and App Monetization.  You can place paid apps on your mobile app.

What are Push Notifications?

A push notification is a short message that appears as a pop-up on your desktop browser, mobile home screen, or in your device notification center from a mobile app. Push notifications are typically opt-in alerts that display text and rich media, like images or buttons, which enable a user to take a specific action.

Can I integrate with my e commerce solution?

Your mobile app will integrate with Woocommerce, WordPress e commerce solution. 

Enhance Your Mobile User Experience

Converting a website into an app lets you significantly boost your whole mobile UX. Think about the typical experience of visiting a mobile website. Firstly, the user has to be reminded of the brand, or have some specific need to seek it out. Next they need to put in the URL, wait for everything to load, and finally they’re on the site. When they are finally in they have to deal with the clunky navigation, and distractions from dozens of other tabs. 

Apps on the other hand offer a direct route from one simple tap, perhaps triggered by the icon on the home screen or a push notification. When inside the app – the native navigation and features make for a far smoother, slicker experience.  Apps also are just better made for mobile devices. They have better access to standard device inputs like swiping and pinching, which also makes the experience better for the user.